The International Association For Textile Care Labelling

The symbols are protected by trademarks. Their use is dependent on a contract with GINETEX.



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Membership rules

In order to become a member of GINETEX, national committees must comply with the following conditions:

  • to have a legal structure conforming to the laws of the country concerned
  • to have independence, i.e. autonomy (notably from any commercial influence), to adopt the whole GINETEX system and to agree to ensure the correct use of the symbols and the protection thereof as trademarks
  • to be representative of the textile, garment and care chain, i.e. being made up of members from the textile industry, garment industry, care industry and any other interested parties in care labelling
  • to have authority i.e. capacity to enforce its decisions

To become a member of GINETEX, national commitees must pay an annual fee.